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Amy Medford creates her works through the use of a variety of mediums. The bronze, stone and clay materials she uses are as important to the work as the subject that is ultimately revealed. She strives to reveal a certain truth through her work, and the materials themselves perform much of the communication. Medford’s work is rooted in ancient Middle Eastern conceptualizations of death, birth, and renewal, and these themes are directly bound to the materials chosen. Her stone sculptures are firmly grounded by heavier bases, reflecting the natural quality of the stone.

The artist chooses the human body as her primary subject matter in order to reflect her personal connection to the human spirit.  In her eyes, a successful piece will resonate with the viewer, evoking a response to the truth she strives to employ.

Amy Medford was born and raised in New Jersey, received her A.B. in Theater History from Cornell University, and went on to earn an apprenticeship at the Johnson Atelier Technical Institute for Sculpture, where she mastered the “lost wax” technique of bronze casting.

The artist later traveled to Italy to study stone carving and further her practice of creating sculpture at Studio Palla, in the small town of Pietrasanta, Italy.  Medford’s work has been shown both nationally and internationally and is represented in several international collections.