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Dan Lucal was born and raised in Brookline Massachusetts. He began his formal art studies in the film and video department at the Massachusetts College of Art design in 2005. After a decade long break from school, during which he worked a variety of jobs like driving a bus and taking apart houses, he returned to finish his BFA at Cooper Union, focusing on 3-Dimensional work and installation. Upon graduating in 2019 he was awarded the Eliot Lash Memorial Prize for Excellence in Sculpture.  

Body language and other non-verbal communications are central to Dan’s sculptures. “Some cars look angry," he says, explaining his work. “There’s attitude, personality, in the way cars, sculptures, and inanimate objects carry themselves. It relates to how a home can be inviting, how a government building can exude authority. Animals, humans included, have a reflexive understanding of the physical environment. I’m making sculptures to reach those receptors, to engage those reflexes.” 

Dan lives and works in New York City.