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Group Show

Dan Lucal, Ellen Weider, Jenny Kemp, Sabine Friesicke

april 23 - may 15

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Press Release

Group Art Exhibition

Dan Lucal, Ellen Weider, Jenny Kemp, Sabine Friesicke

mtn space gallery, 502 Lake Avenue, Lake Worth Beach, FL 33462

Friday, April 23 through Saturday, May 15

Four artists explore the effects of translucence, luminescence, movement and spatial dimension in 2-D and 3-D forms.

Dan Lucal began his formal art studies in the film and video department at the Massachusetts College of Art design in 2005.  After a decade-long break from school, he returned to finish his BFA at Cooper Union, focusing on 3-Dimensional work and installation. Upon graduating in 2019 he was awarded the Eliot Lash Memorial Prize for Excellence in Sculpture.  His luminescent sculptures currently on view are the beautiful and unexpected result of plastic materials meeting organic shapes. Dan lives and works in New York City. 

Ellen Weider, an accomplished painter whose education includes an MFA from Pratt Institute and a BA from Hunter College where she studied with Ron Gorchov and Doug Ohlson. As per Ellen’s Artist's Statement : My images float in a mysterious, ambiguous space. Some suggest houses, buildings, rooms, and other architectural structures. There are no inhabitants, but the structures themselves sometimes evoke human presence and human interactions. Other works employ organic and geometric forms that create a similar effect. Whether my prints, drawings, and paintings are interpreted as pure abstractions or as self-contained narratives, an ironic humor with a meditative bent informs them.

Jenny Kemp earned her MFA in  Painting from the University at Albany, SUNY 2012 and her BS in Art from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Her mesmerizing graphic paintings undulate with rhythm using complex but subtle color combinations. In Jenny’s own words...I am interested in a certain vibrancy through color and movement, concentrating on line and pattern as conduits for trains of thought. Exploring intuition through varying winds of linear forms, I reflect on phenomenons of time, growth, and notions of beauty through abstractions that often hint at figuration. 

My spaces are rhythmic and precise but lines converse in a reactionary game where relationships are tested through accumulations of modulating color. In that way, my process is that of searching, often looking to early modern and visionary abstractionists, slowly building relationships until the painting’s individual personality is found.

Sabine Friesicke is a Post-minimalist artist who was born in Hamburg in 1960. Her Light~Waves series on display plays with iridescent pigments alternating with matte and translucent washes,  interwoven in wave-like patterns resulting in paintings that seem to move as the viewer shifts position. 

Friesicke received her MFA in 1987 from the University of Fine Art, (HfbK), Hamburg, Germany. She also studied at the Liberal Academy of Arts, Hamburg, Germany, with Joseph Beuys. Friesicke, a long-time resident of New York City where her work developed and was informed by the world-class contemporary art scene, is currently dividing her time between Berlin and New York.