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ates isildak: pantransitions

Gender fluidity, obsolete technology, religious fundamentalism and a subversion of the male gaze are just a few of the themes rippling through the rich oeuvre of Ates (pronounced ah-tesh) Isildak, a West Palm Beach artist who has been on a roll since he won a South Florida Cultural Consortium grant in 2020. “Pantransitions,” a wide-ranging showcase of his work, will feature the complete body of his Polaroid series, with its candid captures of a local underground and nonconformist culture; digital portraits of people who defy binary gender roles, and supplemented by shimmering color manipulation; and a new series of experimental photography that comments on Florida’s recent religious and political controversies. Saturday’s opening reception will feature live music from Night Foundation, the electronic solo project of artist and musician Richard Vergez. “Pantransitions” runs through Nov. 4.