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wetransfer releases free coloring book with Tara Booth, Ori Toor, and more

Anyone looking for a soothing activity this weekend will be happy to hear WeTransfer has released a colouring book that is free to download from its site. Works of Heart has been curated by the site’s art platform WePresent and celebrates WeTransfer’s third year as a B Corp. To tie in with the aims of the B Corp process, the colouring book focuses on environmental and social themes. The hope is that it will spark “meaningful conversations” while providing a “moment of respite,” WeTransfer says.

The five illustrators behind the project are María Jesús Contreras, Rakhmat Jaka, Sioe Jeng Tsao, Ori Toor and Tara Booth. They tackle a range of different issues affecting our creative industries to help us imagine how we can shape a more inclusive landscape. For example Tara Booth, who often uses humour to destigmatise invisible disabilities and mental health issues, explores wellbeing and accessibility. Particularly, illustrating “some of the tools and books that I’ve found to be helpful in my healing process, whether it’s meeting with a therapist, developing a meditation practice, or just trying to stay hydrated”.

Elsewhere, Rakhmat Jaka is underlining the importance of community preservation. Using everyday visuals that surround the illustrator in South Borneo, Rakhmat captures “the spirit of the Indonesian community.” María Jesús Contreras’ artwork presents a hopeful depiction to help generate empathy with regards to the climate crisis; Sioe Jeng hopes to spark joy in the LGBTQIA+ community in a time of crisis; and Ori Toor unpicks the complex relationship between solitude and mental health after the pandemic.

Works of Heart is available to download for free here. The platform is also encouraging users to submit their artwork for a chance to be featured on the site, or simply to share their creations with friends and family.

“Since the beginning, WeTransfer has donated 30 per cent of our advertising inventory to artists and social causes because we believe in the power that creativity has to change the world,” says Lina Ruiz, director of corporate social responsibility at WeTransfer. “85 per cent of WeTransfer’s customers say they love books, and 77 per cent are concerned with the environment and planet. So to celebrate three years of being a certified B Corporation, we created a colouring book that our community of users could download for free, acting as a reminder of creativity’s role in raising awareness for critical global issues.”