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Tara Booth

out of the blue

February 25 – April 3, 2022

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Press Release


Tara Booth adapts to larger works, gives her story a new setting and gets editioned

LAKE WORTH BEACH, FL – mtn space is pleased to present Out of the Blue, a solo show of new works by comic artist and painter Tara Booth on view from February 25th to April 3rd. There will be an opening reception for the exhibition on Thursday, March 3rd, from 5-9pm. Tara Booth is a brand unto herself. Her work has gained traction through her online presence and significant following on social media. Working mainly in gouache, her art is playful, vibrant, and emotionally raw.  Through her comics, Booth uses humor to disseminate deeply emotional and private experiences, working to transcend social, political, and historical barriers, while bringing a fresh and honest perspective to her art. Her message is universal.

Formally speaking, Tara Booth uses lush colors, invigorating compositions, and unique depictions of the human body and its surroundings, along with pithy text to bring us an experience both alien and familiar. She captures the essence of joy, suffering, and all the complexities in between with her largely auto-biographical work. At times, her illustrations exude childlike abandon, while many of her more naturalistic paintings echo the works of French post-impressionist painter, Henri Rousseau. Fanciful, honest, and captivating, Booth’s art is a poignant celebration of the human experience.

Booth’s work explores different levels of vulnerability and her willingness to expose her most intimate human struggles with more than a touch of humor. Spreading awareness of the importance of therapy, self-introspection and honesty when it comes to the silent battles we all face, her work bravely dissects the complex relationships we have with our thoughts, bodies, environment, and each other. 


Mtn space is pleased to announce the launching of mtn space studios, an artist-in-residence program, created to offer space, time, and professional opportunities to emerging artists in order to grow their practice in conjunction with the gallery’s programming. In the last year, we have been preparing the space and putting together the program rubric. Through our ability to partner with local vendors, publishers, print shops, and other organizations, it became a possibility to get Booth’s work editioned by Ingrid Schindall, master printer and owner of Nocturnal Press based out of Fort Lauderdale, FL.